AutoReach Automated Side Loader


The McNeilus AutoReach Automated Side Loader with the All-Can grabber arm is the only side loader that can reach side-to-side as well as out.

Reach around the mailbox instead of lurching your truck forward. The AutoReach G2 brings a new hopper, follower, and controls to our most versatile automated platform.

The AutoReach G2 arm can swing through an 8-foot arc, bringing the tightest cul-de-sac within easy reach of our cart friendly grabber. Save your fuel, your transmission, and your sanity.

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Roof11-gauge AR200
Side Walls, First Section Street Side1/8″ AR450
Side Walls, All other sections11-gauge AR200
Body Longitudinal10-gauge GRD 50 high-strength steel (formed channel) with 3/16″ doubler plates at hinge and lift stress points
Front Body Crossmembers3/8″ ASTM A500 GRD B tube and one 1/4″ ASTM A500 GRD B tube
Bolt-on Fender14-gauge ASTM A607 GRD 50 steel


Side and Rear Walls1/8″ AR450
Post and Bolsters (header and footer)10-gauge ASTM A715 & A607 GRD 50 high-strength steel


Lower Hopper SidesLH side 3/16″ AR200, RH side 10-gauge ASTM A607 GRD 50
Upper Hopper Sides14-gauge ASTM A607 GRD 50 high-strength steel
Hopper Floor Wear Area1/4″ AR400
Hopper Assist Panel3/16″ AR200
Hopper Ribs12-gauge GRD 50 high-strength steel
Floor Support11-gauge ASTM A500 GRD B tubing, 10-gauge GRD 50 formed steel


Packing Face1/4″ AR200
Sides3/8″ ASTM A572 GRD 50 high-strength steel
Follower Panels (one section)10-gauge ASTM A36 HR mild steel
Support Frame10-gauge ASTM A36 HR mild steel
Welded Structure3/8″ GRD 50 steel
Upper Packer Reinforcement Plates1/4″ ASTM A572 GRD 50 steel
Lower Packer Face Tube5″ x 5″x 1/4″ ASTM A500 steel


Inner Arm5″ x 7″ x 1/4″ rectangular tubing
Outer Arm1/4″ GRD 50 high-strength steel web, 1/2″ GRD 50 high-strength steel outer plate
Lifter Link Arm3/4″ GRD 50 high-strength steel welded structure
Arm Mounting Bracket1/2″ GRD 50 high-strength steel (bolted to chassis)
Grabber2-piece bolt on welded structure, inner section 3/8″ & 1/4″ GRD 50 high-strength steel, outer section 3/8″ T-1


Command Zone™ — R controls


Pump Make/ModelParker Dual P350 with Pack-on-the-go flow control system
Pump Flow35 gpm @ 800 rpm
Main Valve AssemblyParker VA35, MRV setting — 2500 psi
Arm Valve AssemblyParker VA20, MRV setting — 2000 psi
Oil Reservoir50 gallons
FilterParker 40 CN, 100 mesh suction strainer


Packer4-1/2″ bore x 3″ rod x 52-3/4″ stroke
Tailgate2-1/2″ bore x 1-1/2″ rod x 38″ stroke
Grabber2″ bore x 1″ rod x 6-1/4″ stroke
Reach3-1/2″ bore x 2″ rod x 14-3/4″ stroke
Lift3-1/2″ bore x 2″ rod x 17-8/9″ stroke
Swing2″ bore x 1-1/4″ rod x 9-3/25″ stroke


Weather Pak and Deutsch connectors 
Aeroquip hoses and fittings 
Hydra-Zorb™ and Stauff clamps


Hopper work lights 
Strobe light 
Trapezoidal lights 
Camera-assist lights 
Peterson smart lights 
Clear coat 
Fire extinguisher/bracket 
Auxiliary axes (call for application) 
Camera systems – single, dual and triple 
Mud flaps – front and/or rear 
Decals (call for pricing) 
Plastic shovel 
Paint colors