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Contender Front Loader

A perfect balance between the lightweight West Coast GVWR and the traditional East Coast toughness of the Atlantic Series.

Engineered with high strength AR450 steel, Excalibre™ packing cylinders, and Command Zone™ controls, the Contender incorporates the very best of more than 20 years of experience in front loader design.

Ergonomic cab controls and multiplexed electronics give you simplified operation, increased reliability, and easier troubleshooting.

  • Specifications:



    Body Floor 3/16" AR200 (optional 10 GA or 1/4" AR200)
    Body Sides, First Section 1/8" AR450
    Body Sides, Second and Third Sections 10 Gauge AR200
    Body Roof 10 Gauge AR200
    Cab Shield 14 Gauge GRD 50 High Strength Steel


    Lower Hopper Sides 3/16" AR400
    Upper Hopper Sides 12 Gauge ASTM A607 GRD 50 High Strength Steel
    Hopper Floor 3/16" AR400
    Floor Cross-members 3" x 3" x 11 GA A500 GR B


    Lower Packing Face 1/4" AR200
    Face Support 3/8" A36 Welded Steel Structure
    Packing Panel Floor Tracks 1/4" A656 GRD 80 High Strength Steel
    Top Wear Strips 3/8" AR400,  Bottom Wear strip: 3/8” Chromium Carbide Xwear
    Side Wear Strips 1/4" x 3" AR400
    Sides 10 Gauge GRD 50 High Strength Steel


    Tailgate Rear and Side Walls 1/8" AR450
    Tailgate Locking Teeth 1-1/4" ASTM A36 Mild Steel
    Tailgate Seal Extends 31"  
    Eight-Point Automatic Locking Tailgate  
    Body Longitudinals 3/16”  A500 GRD B tube


    Arm Construction 3/16" ASTM A656 GRD 80 High Strength Steel (internally reinforced) with 3/8" A656 GR 80 High Strength Steel Flanges
    Arm Cylinder Mounts ASTM A656, 3/8" GRD 80 High Strength Steel
    Arm Torque Tube 5-1/4" OD with 1/2" Wall Thickness (DOM round tube)
    3 Arm Torque Tube Pillow Blocks with Nylatron Bushing 


    Fork Torque Tube Construction ASTM 513 GRD B
    Fork Torque Tube 4" OD with 3/8" Wall Thickness (DOM round tube)
    Fork Tine Construction: 1-1/4" A36 Mild Steel


    Pump Make/Model Single Commercial Intertech P365
    Pump Size 2-1/2"
    Pump Flow 30 gpm @ 800 RPM, 50 GPM @ 1350
    Control Valves Commercial Intertech VA35, MRV Setting—2500 psi
    Oil Reservoir Universal, 50 Gallons
    Filter Schroeder LRT 5 Micron
    Suction Strainer 100 mesh stainless steel with magnets


    Ejector Cylinder Mailhot Excalibur 5.5" x 3 stage 188 7/8" stroke
    Arm Cylinder 4.5" bore x 2.5" cylinder size x 46" stroke, Decel up valve
    Fork Cylinder 3" bore x 1.75" cylinder size x 20" stroke
    Tailgate Cylinder 3-1/4" bore x 2" cylinder size x 32" stroke


    Weather Pak Connector — Deutsch Connectors 
    Aeroquip Hoses and Fittings  
    Hydra-Zorb and Stauff Clamps  


    Command Zone R Controls  


    Packer and components steel shot blasted prior to priming with high solids epoxy primer 
    Finish Coat Akzo Coating's Sikkens high solids acrylic urethane 
    Solid white standard  


    Cylinders 5 year limited warranty from date of delivery
    Hydraulic Pump and Valves 2 years from date of delivery
    Packer Unit 6 months from date of delivery